JA PreventNCD

JA PreventNCD is a EU-funded Joint Action, where our team aims to develop a risk-based projection model to forecast trends in the occurence of chronic diseases.


NEED is a Belspo INTRA-FED project that aims to unravel unmet health-related needs in Belgium.


TELEHEALTH is a Weave (FWO - F.N.R.S) funded project that aims to evaluate the impact of engaging in telework on health outcomes.

BeBOD - Belgian National Burden of Disease Study

The main goal of public health policy is to protect and promote population health. Therefore, understanding which diseases pose the greatest threat to health and wellbeing is crucial. The relative importance of diseases in a population is often referred to as the "burden of disease".


The purpose of the COVIMPACT project is to set up a cohort of people who have been tested positive with COVID-19 in order to study the evolution of their physical, mental and social health over the long term, and assess the factors associated with a favourable or unfavourable evolution. Depending on when participants join the cohort, they are followed-up from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 2 years. In a nutshell, COVIMPACT aims to increase knowledge about the long-term effects of a COVID-19 infection and on the syndrome called "long COVID".


HELICON is a Belspo BRAIN-be project that aims to unravel the social inequalities and the long-term and indirect health effects of the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium.